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At TekUniverse we provide value to our retail customers by providing excellent stock replenishment and order fulfillment services across our selection of products.  It is our goal to offer you the best possible wholesale prices. In fact, we promise to meet or beat any other wholesale price*, so you can always be sure of getting the best prices from us.  We take pride on accuracy, speed, excellent customer service and operational efficiency

Read What Our Happy Customers Are Saying:

“This is pen brilliant and very polished. I’m very pleasantly surprised by the build quality – lots of attention to detail was put into this product, which for the price I wasn’t expecting. I expected some faded black and white poorly-written manual and told my wife “For the price it will probably not work well, but’ let’s see.” I was so wrong – this feels like I paid the $120 MSRP. for it. I thought I was going to use it just for touch-up items, but my kid asked to use it and custom-made some anime characters by freehand without me showing him anything but the manual. Very intuitive – I’m making this my must-by gift items for Christmas (and I’m typing this in June!)”

“I bought two pens fir my grandaughters who are six and nine. I was hesitant at first, but I must admit they loved it. They followed some tutorials at first and then they made their own three D designs. Great product.”

“The 3d pen is great! I make stuff out of it for my kids.”

“Really like the Temp display and ability to print different materials. (I tied PLA,ABS and Wood filament)Very nice 3D pen.”

“very innovative. My twelve year old daughter loves it. Very easy to use.”


TekUniverse offers continuous education about products and periodically communicate with affiliates with up to date information on industry trends. 

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