A New Educational Tool for the Leaders of Tomorrow

3D Doodle Pen For Education

The search for new ways to help our children learn is continuous. Everyone recognizes the fact that the children of today are our leaders of tomorrow and for that reason, it is our duty to ensure that they have the best tools at their disposal to expand their mind as much as possible. The use of 3D printing pens have taken the term “hands on learning” to a new level.


3D Printing Pen in the Classroom

TekUniverse has developed an easy to use 3D printing pen that will have students of all ages engaged  with the lesson being taught while excited to do their school work, pushing their imaginations to new levels; motivated to think in a 3 dimensional place instead of the standard 2D world that school work is notorious for. Geometry teachers will now be asking students to create their very own 3D shapes. A Biology teacher will be creating 3D models of an atom instantly. Art teachers will be displaying their students 3D sculptures that hold more detail than any clay. The mind of the student will be pushed to limits that have never been previously reached. TekUniverse 3D pen opens a new world to the educational community.

Affordable and Beneficial


3D-Doodle-Pen-TowerTekUniverse is aware of the under funding of the education system and has made its products affordable for any school budget. School officials can easily fit TekUniverse’s ground breaking 3D printing pen into their budgets with ease. The benefits to having this hands on educational tool are endless. Having the ability to create an object in 3 dimensions right in your hands makes for numerous opportunities to challenge students minds and expand their imaginations, which all educators agree, is the number one priority of every teacher. TekUniverse is prepared to supply and assist any educator who is ready to take their teachings to new levels. Qualified schools can now receive a free 3D printing pen sample, Colleges and Universities discounts are available.

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