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You don’t dream in 2D so why should you draw in 2D? Tek Universe has made it possible, simple and affordable for the everyday person to dream in 3D! Your imagination and creativity should never be limited or confined and Tek Universe’s new Dream Creator 3D printer pen is just the ticket.

Get Creative With 3D Pen Art

Coming in several colors, Tek Universe’s 3D printing pen is simple enough that anyone with the will to learn, can have it up and running in no time! Tek Universe’s 3D pen releases heated plastic that dries almost instantaneously. After a few practice rounds, you will be ready to create your own masterpieces!  The LCD screen allows the artist to monitor the temperature and speed with ease. Create beautiful pieces of artwork to put on display or create a forest full of wood creatures for your little one. The 3D pen works on almost any surface, including plastic so you can personalize your new iphone case or laptop case.  Tek Universe made this 3D writing pen so easy to use that even your children can operate it! Your only limitation is how far you can push yourself!

Grab your 3D pen for sale!

Often there is a misconceived notion about this type of technology, there’s no way it’s affordable but Tek Universe

has made this magic pen just that, affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone. With its unbelievable low price, Tek Universe’s 3D doodle pen is here to take the artistry world by storm! So don’t wait another minute and stop wasting time with simple pencil to paper drawings and upgrade to Tek Universe’s 3D printing pen. Your drawings will never be the same again!

Why choose a Dream Creator 3D Doodle Pen? The choice is simple! Take a look at these advantages that put the Dream Creator above the rest.

  • affordable
  • ease of use
  • safe for children (still requires adult supervision)
  • comes in a variety of colors
  • heats quickly